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This is a healthy fitness, weight-loss, and nutrition blog. I currently am losing fat and gaining toned muscle and am doing it HEALTHY. Here to movitate and educate My STARTING and highest weight stats: Height- 5'10 Weight- 184lbs Bust- 38 D Waist- 34 inches Hips 42Inches...was kinda loose and fatty, eating heavy and a lot of fast food and barely any physical activity plus acne. CURRENT stats: Height: 5'10.5 Weight- 152.5lbs (down 31.5 lbs) Bust- 32/34 DD Waist- 26 inches pant size- 4-6...very toned with little body fat, eating healthy and counting calories along with at least 5 days of working out at the gym. AND ALL my acne is gone completely, clear face. MY GOAL stats: Weight- 135 lbs Waist- 25 inches pant size- goal reached Bust: 32 DD..reached as well Basically I just want to lose the majority of my fat and appear a little more thin than i already do but still maintain a toned healthy appearance. My ask box is open for any questions!

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