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This is a healthy fitness, weight-loss, and nutrition blog. I currently am losing fat and gaining toned muscle and am doing it HEALTHY. Here to movitate and educate My STARTING and highest weight stats: Height- 5'10 Weight- 184lbs Bust- 38 D Waist- 34 inches Hips 42Inches...was kinda loose and fatty, eating heavy and a lot of fast food and barely any physical activity plus acne. CURRENT stats: Height: 5'10.5 Weight- 152.5lbs (down 31.5 lbs) Bust- 32/34 DD Waist- 26 inches pant size- 4-6...very toned with little body fat, eating healthy and counting calories along with at least 5 days of working out at the gym. AND ALL my acne is gone completely, clear face. MY GOAL stats: Weight- 135 lbs Waist- 25 inches pant size- goal reached Bust: 32 DD..reached as well Basically I just want to lose the majority of my fat and appear a little more thin than i already do but still maintain a toned healthy appearance. My ask box is open for any questions!

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    My 3 month progress. First picture is from mid September. Second is sometime in October. Third is about 4 days ago. I have been doing a lot of incline treadmill cardio, cross training, and squats to achieve this progress of my legs. You can see my stomach has substantially shrunk as well due to clean eating and also cardio and intense ab workouts.

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