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This is a healthy fitness, weight-loss, and nutrition blog. I currently am losing fat and gaining toned muscle and am doing it HEALTHY. Here to movitate and educate My STARTING and highest weight stats: Height- 5'10 Weight- 184lbs Bust- 38 D Waist- 34 inches Hips 42Inches...was kinda loose and fatty, eating heavy and a lot of fast food and barely any physical activity plus acne. CURRENT stats: Height: 5'10.5 Weight- 152.5lbs (down 31.5 lbs) Bust- 32/34 DD Waist- 26 inches pant size- 4-6...very toned with little body fat, eating healthy and counting calories along with at least 5 days of working out at the gym. AND ALL my acne is gone completely, clear face. MY GOAL stats: Weight- 135 lbs Waist- 25 inches pant size- goal reached Bust: 32 DD..reached as well Basically I just want to lose the majority of my fat and appear a little more thin than i already do but still maintain a toned healthy appearance. My ask box is open for any questions!

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  • How long did it take u to lose 31.5lbs? Im trying to lose at least 20lbs by Oct. But idk if thats possible? What do u think?

    Asked by Anonymous

    It’s honestly easy if you have the determination and will power, eat healthy every single day until you reach your goal and work out as much as your body allows.

    How long / far do you usually run ?

    Asked by Anonymous

    20 minutes max, I don’t really think running does much good on my knees so I try to avoid it

    Can I send you my eating plan and work out routine? And you tell me what you're thinking ? :)

    Asked by Anonymous

    Yeah for sure !

    With all the cardio work out and eating healthy and stuff. Have you actually lost weight or did you just get skinnier? Because you build a lot of muscles when you do cardio and work out and stuff don't you? Please answer. And when you stop with the frequently healthy eating and the consequent working out and have like cheat days or whatever don't you gain a lo of weight then? I'm just wondering Please answer and thank you xx

    Asked by Anonymous

    My body thinned out big time ya like I lost over 30 pounds! I’m tall but honestly not big at all I wear a size 4/5 in pants and small and sometimes extra small tops.. So like I didn’t necessarily just get skinnier I lost a lot of my body and muscle mass because I used to play competitive basketball and stopped after my dad passed away and gained a bunch of fat on top of my super bulky muscles…I got super strict with myself and honestly changed my whole body completely. I don’t have many old pictures that showed truly how like much bigger I was than I am now… Sorry for the rant but I felt it needed to be said! I am an extremist when it comes to my workout and diet let’s just say that. Some people don’t agree with me that’s fine.. But what works for me works and I meet certain goals in certain time frames. So I get not to give like .. Direct advice to these kinda of questions but basically yeah you build muscle but muscle naturally burns more calories just being there rather than fat , muscle takes more energy to upkeep. So building muscle doesn’t mean gaining weight in the sense of getting more fat but you’re actually getting more lean but the connotation of “gain weight” sounds negative. Anyways , you will get thinner while building muscle by making sure you’re drinking lots of water, lots of cardio, lots of light weight training, eating lots of protein and lean fresh foods (fresh veggies and fruit, nuts, salmon, talapia,hummus,spinach, bokchoy , salads, light on carbs… Stay away from high fat / sugar / sodium. There , there’s a long long reply wow.

    So I currently can't do any cardio because I'm having a few health issues and might need surgery in the next month so I've stopped exercising I'm still eating healthy though but do u think if I started doing yoga I would continue to lose weight? I don't want to gain weight due to the muscle I would probably gain but idk what to do? Idk how long I'll be till I can start running again:(

    Asked by Anonymous

    You will be fine just be very mindful of your diet :) I just recently skipped over a week and a half of the gym and actually ate pretty shitty. But that won’t make me fat!! I just am back at the gym now toning up and cutting out all the nasty food I’ve been indulging on lately lol! But try Pilates as well, it’s like a more intense yoga I would say but you can still do it at home on the floor or in a small space just look it up on YouTube ! My favourite are POP Pilates

    Hey, I was wondering if you could help me out! I normally try not to eat anything after about 7/8pm. Throughout my summer break I have been going to the gym in the morning & then having my protein shake afterwards but when school starts again I will be working out at night time, will having my protein shake after my workouts at night lead to weight gain?

    No it won’t !! I eat later even like really late at night sometimes. The point is if you’re working out late then your body continues to heavily burn calories even a few hours after you’re done working out PLUS you burn most calories while you sleep and your body is repairing itself. So it won’t negatively affect your body at all :)

    What are some healthy good you should be eating?

    Asked by Anonymous


    Try only eating healthy food everyday. Say NO to dessert say NO to heavy carbs like pasta and bagels and white bread (you can eat whole wheat.. But only at breakfast seems to work best for me) say NO to donuts cookies ice cream and all those “delicious” fast foods because all it does is make you bloated faster make you sluggish and makes your journey that much longer. Eat fruit, vegetables, hummus, quinoa, tabouli, nuts, prunes, peanut butter, salmon, turkey, tuna, lean chicken (never ever fried or with tons of sauce or spices) eat salad with light dressing or even Apple cider vinegar and a little bit of grape seed oil, eat egg whites, eat popcorn with little to no butter, literally just check every nutrition fact before eating!! If you stick with the healthy eating and exercise for even 2 weeks you alone will see results even if others don’t, I promise you will. Just wake up every morning after you’ve completed the previous day and feel like you’re that much closer :! Hope this helps !

    Just to share…

    I’ve been eating a lot of breads and things with high carbs … IT GOES STRAIGHT TO MY THIGHS and inner waist slightly .. It was almost like an experiment to see where heavy carbs “go”on me.. And well mines my thighs so goodbye breads / muffins / donuts / rice / cakes / any kind of sliced bread or wheat products / pasta / literally anything that is high in carbs for the next 21 days to see what a low carb diet does for my body!

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